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Welcome to Top University College.


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Top University College. Look no further beyond TUC, if you are looking for the best of university education. Our excellent faculty and staff, superb facilities and serene atmosphere provide you a life-time university experience.

Founded in …, the University has grown from a humble student population of 155 to over 70,000. TUC was initially established as a University College and given the mandate to train highly skilled professional teachers for Ghana’s second cycle institutions for the Ministry of Education, with the sole aim of meeting the manpower needs of Ghana at the time. However, with the attainment of autonomy in 1972, the University expanded and diversified its academic programmes to include studies in the Humanities, Basic and Applied Sciences. Currently, it runs programmes in Medicine, Law and Forensic Sciences.

The University today, is organized into five (5) colleges with schools/faculties and departments under them. These Colleges are: College of Humanities and Legal Studies, College of Education Studies, College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, College of Health and Allied Sciences and College of Distance Education.

With a serene campus and a motivated faculty and staff ready to offer their best, the University is committed to providing students with the best education. At UCC, we inspire our students to reach their full potential, to advance knowledge, and make meaningful contribution to the society. We are guided by an educational philosophy, which is student-centred with a focus on meeting the varied needs of our students, nurturing and challenging them to grow socially, physically, morally and intellectually. We are determined here at UCC to deliver the best possible student experience with good timely feedback, excellent personal tutoring and superb student facilities. We are committed to providing our students with quality programmes, activities and services that enhance and enrich students’ academic experience. We encourage our students to collaborate and experience working life beyond the classroom. It is not surprising therefore, that our products exhibit comprehensive knowledge and professional skills in dealing with the demands of a rapidly evolving world.

After years of delivering on our mandate, the University has earned an accolade as a University of Competitive Choice. Our graduates enter the workforce with an ability to challenge routine thinking and provide innovative solutions to industry. This is our hallmark.

The University changed my life and I believe it will change yours too. I therefore look forward to welcoming you to the University of Cape Coast.

Why Choose Us.

Speak to any of our students and they will tell you that college life doesn’t just mean achieving a new qualification.  Study with us and you can be sure that you will gain a whole range of skills and experiences that will prepare you for the next step, whether that be progressing within education or employment.

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